FXR custom bike

Skeeter did it again! A well designed/ engineered FXR style frame with an turbocharged S&S X-Wedge motor.A bike that looks like it could have been made by The Factory, if... they had some good designers.
And another one of Billy W, the primer made it even more like a sculpture. The detailing on this man's bike is insane, look at the exhaust, head, trans and nosecone covers
At the end of the eighties Cory followed in his fathers footsteps, I really liked what he did with the fenders here.
In the mid nineties Donnie Smith ruled with his New Wave style. Great detail, bodywork,new color's and extreme graphic design paintjobs by Jerry and Bonny Sherer
In the early nineties VQ magazine (USA) had a special on Billy Westbrook, I stared at the pictures of this art deco sculpture for weeks. Everything flows in this bike! The parralel lines in the frame tubes/ rear shocks/ front fork. Hard to see in these small pics are the art decoesque lines in the body work, and sculpted motor covers. The 50's style headlampcover and the fantastic primer finish.
Skeeter Todd rocked my (biker)world in '93 with his four cam FXR
From the pages of a vintage BSH issue. A FXR I had a serious crush on, in the late eighties.