This chopper is basically an early 80's superbike. The 120 cu/inch (with an optional 163 cu/inch big bore for the really brave of heart) motor was built with Chevy big block components by Larry Sexton (of dragrace fame). He considered low piston weight important to reduce vibration, and used flat big chevy pistons (on the photo right) way before the Evo (flat piston) was introduced. Casted his own carters, cilinders, heads and used Chevy valvetrains. He positioned two male HD connecting rods...
Church Of Choppers guru Jeff built this Shovel for the S&S 50th anniversary bike show. Only the essential top end components were fitted on this clean and narrow highneck, which I liked even more when it was painted black after the S&S show.
Boyd really outdone himself on this project. Immaculate detail makes this an extreme personalbike. Awesome!
For me the most underrated bike of the 2008 S&S 50th Anniversary competition.Love it, but hate the studs on the saddle.
Typical West Coast Digger frame by Ness. Painting and engraving by Dave Perewitz
Just the bare essentials! Nothing really special, but everything done minimal and very tastefull. A timeless beauty.
I'm in love with this motor. Heads & cilinders from small airplane engine on custom made engine cases. Made by Lock Baker of Eastern Fabrications. Pure genius!
Great paint job, great name, great bike!
A bike that made a big impact on me when I first saw it in '76. A few years later it was rebuilt with a modified frame, new wheels, forks, brakes and repainted in the black/ goldleaf finish you see here.
Another great "built from scratch" bike from the eighties.

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