favorite magazine

My all time favorite motorcycle magazine is made in Japan by Makoto Watanabe. 5 times a year an issue appears with at least 100 top quality custombikes. Perfectly captured on photo by Makoto and Junichiro Ito. For more info check : www.chopper.jp
In 1999 my brother went to Japan again, now he got me a copy of Vibes magzine. With in it another Zero bike! I contacted editor Janta and he told me that a guy called Kaz was making a book on Zero and that I should contact him as he spoke/ wrote english Here the one off english version of Vibes, a collectors item by now, and very very good.
In '97 my brother went to Japan. All he got me from there was an issue of Hot Bike Japan "The magazine for human beings who ride HD". The best gift ever! . This first issue of a Japanese magazine started a deep felt love affair with the Japanese custombike scene, and was soon followed by an almost obsessive collecting of Japanes custombike magazines like Vibes, Hardcore Choppers and Chopper Journal