After seeing the first pictures of Ola Stenegard's  Indian Chief project I knew instantly this was a great canvas to design/ build a custom bike on.  Modifications on the original design are: weld on rear frame (FXR style), Alumininum rearfork, custom fenders, custom seat, ribbed engine covers, custom frame covers, extra custom made small chopper tank, Hel/ PM brakes, Hyperpro lowered shocks/ extended front fork, Marvic 18" wheels, Berenger discs, custom pipes & Supertrapp mufflers, custom risers, superbike handlebars, custom headlight cover, custom narrowed triple trees, custom belt drive covers, custom paintjob and pearlblasting/ ceramic heat resistant painting on engine. Inspired by Shinya Kimura (see Zero Engineering 1 at the blog) I decided to design a "convertible". By changing big or small gas tank & position/ fenders/ muffler endcaps one could make it a sporty tourer or a funky barhopper . Underneath you also find the original Indian design rendering for comparison purposes.

Giving it an old school paintjob makes it a completely different bike again