Perfect Twin Project

The Perfect Twin Project bike was built as a showcase for the Perfect Twin Performance engine rebuild/blueprint technique. The goal was to build a V Twin using stock '85 HD Evo cases. Blueprint everything to the max. and use the best the aftermarket had to offer to make a strong and reliable engine that would be good for at least 150.000 troublesome miles. The bike and technique articles were published in motorcycle magazines worldwide.

The Perfect Twin Performance website ran for 15 years, but was discontinued in autumn 2021.  For most potential customers the cost/time to rebuild their engine was too high/long/complicated and they opted for purchasing  cheaper new (aftermarket) engines, not realising they were going to buy the same problems the orig. engines came with. Also there was very little interest in engines that could run 150.000 trouble free miles as there were not many bikers/custom builders left that wanted/needed to ride those distances on a HD V Twin. For those interested in some serious combustion engine modifications here the screenshots from the now defunctional PTP website: