Combination of (drag) race parts and Swedish style longfork/ hardtail proofs again that "form follows function" often works the best!
Russel Mitchell goes Swedish. Flat black paint and lots of dulled (scotch brite) aluminiummakes this a hardcore no-nonsense chopper.
Jesse built this bike for the History Of The Chopper movie. He used a frame from the seventies he bought at a swap meet. Love that Harman fork.
Ecke surprised me with this one in 2007. And everytime I look at it, he surprises me again! Great Job!
This bike was built in 2008 by my friend Andy from Finland, He reigned at the customshows that year. Click "Read More" underneath to see the original paintjob
Through the years Swedish biker magazine MCM commissioned some projectbikes, which builds were closely followed in the magazine. Viridian by Mika Nieminen of Mr Moore's Custom Craft was one of the best
In the mid sixties guys like Ben Hardy and Sugarbear originated the longfork chopper in the USA. But in Sweden this design evolved the last 50 years into the aesthetically pleasing object you see here.
THE LONGBIKE I CRASHED! Click on Read more at the bottom of this topic to read the whole story.
This was the longfork bike that made me "Turn on, tune in and drop out!" . This was pure science fiction in 1978, and I still love it!