street racer

Steph the sorcerer's apprentice at VTM (France) blew me away in 2016 with this awesome Super Motard style street racer.
Hideki Hoshikawa created a masterpiece by combining different styles like (cafe)racer, flattrack and chopper.
According to Satya Kraus the ‘Bolide’ (which finished third in the 2011 AMD world championship of custombike building) was designed in the spirit of the Tourist Trophy, and was engineered to be a road ready high performance machine.
Love it when people think outside the box, Walt Siegl definitely does!
Best attempt to shoehorn a HD lump into a featherbed style frame!
Boy converted a Bonneville racer that just clocked 168 mph, intothis smooth street racer.
I allready liked earlier work of Gard but in 2006 this bike really made me take notice of this masterbuilder who his currently finishing his new KR 1 project.
Mr Hook wanted to make the lightest HD ever, he succeeded by using expensive racing components byKabaya (forks, shocks) and magnesium wheels.
Marcus Walz built this bike for the Jordan Formula 1 team in 2000. It embodies for me the pure essence of the Walz Hardcore style.

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