Brouchie/Ness/Cycle Fab. Coast To Coast. 1989

Typical West Coast Digger frame by Ness. Painting and engraving by Dave Perewitz

This bike was finished in 1988 and built over a period of 6 years by a Paul Brouchkie from

Youngstown, Ohio.USA.

Frame was built by Jim Davis an associate of Arlen Ness.  Tank and fenders by Arlen Ness

and a lot of other parts by Bill Doherty. 

Paint and some assembly was done by Dave Perewitz (Cycle Fab) of Brockton. Massachusetts.USA. 

Bike won 4th place at Rats Hole Show in Daytona 1989. 

Frame is made of 4130 seamless chrome moly. 

Engine (rebuilt by Ray Semko) is a 1982 Shovel with a 88"displacement. cam andrews 510.

Morris m5 magneto, S&S pistons, Sifton lifters